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Welcome to the site. Browse, investigate and respond. I look forward t0 meeting you all.                                                                                                                                               



100 responses to “Just Do The Math

  1. aaahhhhhhh mr.hoffner i miss u… can u believe that i am in the 8th grade now!!!!!! lol by the way i go to garden city middle school in long island…. suprisengly math this year is easy…. SOO FAR!!! hahaha ok well bye 😉

  2. hi mr.hoffner! 🙂

  3. Hi Mr.Hoffner 🙂 how are you?

  4. hi mr.hoffner i miss u my new school stinks sorta and algebra is reallllyyy hard and u said tht it waz easy and my math teacher rights on the smartbaord so fast i can’t even copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh okay whew :’ )
    That is a relief 🙂

  6. holy moly Mr.Hoffner really?
    But you are still the teacher of 6H3 right?

  7. Hey Mr.Hoffner,
    You are now the teacher of 6H2 O.o. Aww does 6H3 still exist? 😦

  8. Melissa Velasquez

    Hi Mr. Hoffner! I miss you as my homeroom teacher. ): How’s 6H2? 😀




  12. mr.hoffner what is other parts of your site to study from

  13. Help i dont know what fraction 1/11 equals!!!!!

  14. HEY MR. HOFFNER!!!!!!!! Your the best!

  15. Melissa Velasquez 6H3

    Hey Mr. Hoffner !
    Um, slight problem.. I DON’T LIKE PIE. WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT ON PI DAY ?!? Can I bring cake? ^.^ Ha, just kidding, I’ll try pie. BYE.
    – Melissa Velasquez.

  16. how where we supposed to figure out the circles on the house?

  17. yay mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:):):):):):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 do u like your gift i know u do love your gift

  18. hey mr. hoffner do we have home work and have a good christmas eve and christmas day and have a good christmas break trough next next sunday and bye bye answer me back again :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  19. hey mr.hoffner i have a suprise for you tomorrow at school you’ll see lol ooo and happy halloween BOO HAHAHAHA

  20. hi mr hoffner what do we study for the test

  21. hey mr.hoffner i have to ask you somthing are we having the test tomorrow or monday please writh back i need to know so i can study thanks 🙂

  22. srry i wasnt here today i got really sick yesterday

  23. hey mr.hoffner im alittle confused on homework

  24. Hey mr.hoffner !!!!I’m at a restaurant right now and I just wanted to say hi…soo hiii I also wanted to say I’m soo happy I got a 100 on my math test..it was all because of you ! We’re the I don’t get it
    Less class 🙂 byee effie t

    • Hi Effie,
      That’s the best comment I’ve read in a while. I just read it to my wife. Keep on, keeping on!
      Have a great weekend.

      • Well im glad !!! my mom thinks your the best math teacher in the entire world ! :] i did your math homework..it was pretty easy(kinda) well i have to go cant wait to see you !!! Effie t :]

  25. hey mr. hoffner it was morning today and you didn’t tell me anything so i hope I didn’t get a C i want to get an A or a B+

  26. Hey Mr. Hoffner I kind of have a problem with looking at memory lane can you help me tomorrow at school. thank you very much 🙂

  27. hey mr hoffner just wanted to know where to study on the website for the test

  28. hey where do we need to look for studying for the test

  29. don’t worry mr.hoffner i’ll help michelle with math project.

  30. hi mr.hoffner it’s me imani just telling you that the test ws easy peasy lemon sqeasy 😀

  31. Hi Mr.Hoffner just wanted to tell you i studied for the test! :}

  32. hi mr.hoffner it’s me imani I was hoping you werem’t going to say that it’s going to be on our report card oo well , but one more question.So is the quizes that you give us that doesn’t count only tast right.

  33. HI, 6th graders did he give you that test.

  34. hi mr.hoffner i have a specific question uhmmmmm i was just woundering ,just to make sure the test that were gonna take pretty soon is it going to go on our report card hope you get the E~mail xoxo love imani 🙂 lol and ttyl later peace

  35. yes mr.hoffner i know i didn’t want anyone to see either i was just kidding besides now that i know i’m going to study on what i messed up on ttyl bye see you tomorrow 🙂

  36. Hi Mr.Hoffner…umm i never learned about the three equivalent fractions so tomorrow can you please try to help me understand it because i was absent the day you showed the class how to do it.
    -Effie T.

  37. it was easy i hope i got a good grade can you tell me what i got or do you want me to be suprised when i see it hopfully i just wait till a suprise i don’t want anybody on the site to see what i got well see you on monday can’t wait see you soon bye once again xoxo love and peace 🙂

  38. hey mr.hoffner i kow it’s like 7:00 but i was bored i hope you get this message from me you haven’t read the other one or maybe you did but didn’t reply back well see you at schoolxoxo again 🙂

  39. We are going to have a gret year

  40. we know mr.hoffner were very srry but at least we did it and we both hope we get an A see you tomorrow guess what were going to six flags in a cuople of days it’s gonna be so much fun but it’s for beacon I feel bad for the other kids who are not in beacon ,well see you tomorrow bye xoxo 🙂


  42. hi mr.hoffner its imani and michelle im at her house doing YOUR homework yawwwwwwn lol : (

  43. dear mr hoffner nice meeting you i hope i have a good year and sixth grade wins the food drive

  44. heyy mr. hoffner :] wats up? lol

  45. very nice site

  46. Hey Mr. Hoffner ,
    It was Nice meeting u today , in class i hope that we have a good year together 🙂 !

  47. hey 🙂

  48. kiki lazaridis

    hey, mr.hoffner i hope u r doing well because i am really stressing out
    i am scared on what i am going to get on my report card and so is my mom and i know that just gettin g goood grades on my hw isnt enogh.
    in your opinion, am i doing ok?!?!?!?!?!
    if u cant answer this question i understand but im just so nervous and i really want to know

  49. what’s up Mr. hoffner.

  50. tell mi when u get my messages at class k

  51. hey mr.hoffner wasz up ?! lolsz :]

  52. I mean every class is giving midterms are you?

  53. hay Mr.hofferner are you going to give us mid termeds

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