Class Rules and Policies

Mr. Hoffner’s Math Class


Rules of the Class

1.    Follow the teacher’s directions immediately.


2.    Students will respect other students and their property. Use polite speech and body language.


3.    Come to class on time.


4.    Classroom standards begin when entering the room-not when the bell rings.


5.    Be prepared for class. Have appropriate assignments, materials and books.


6.     Begin “DO NOW” immediately. Have only your notebook and your homework on your desk. Homework should be on the left side of the desk for me to check.


7.    Talk only when permitted.


8.    Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up.


9.    Do Not: Chew gum, eat candy or other food, use any music or game player, litter, write on desks, cheat.


10.                       Cell phones are not permitted in school.


11.                       Room should be clean and seats should be orderly before leaving.


12.                       Using the restroom: Raise your hand and ask permission. A pass is needed.


13.                       Sharpening pencils: Come to school with pencils sharpened. If need be, ask for permission to sharpen a pencil.


14.                       When the phone rings or there is an announcement: Remain silent.


15.                       When guests are in the room: Be on your best behavior.


16.                       Fire Drills:

a.     Form two lines, boys and girls. Last person out closes the door.

b.    Silence at all times.

c.     Use stairway opposite room 423.

d.    Turn right as we leave the school.  Stay with class.



Consequences for Breaking the Rules


First time: Warning.


Second time: Meeting with teacher.


Third time: Detention and writing assignment.


Fourth time: Call home to parents.


Fifth time: Meeting with Dean or Assistant Principle.





Grading Policies



A.   Tests and Quizzes = 50%


1.    Tests: There will be a test every two or three weeks. You will be given prior notice to a test.

a.    Tests will include material from class and homework.

b.    If you are absent for a test you are required to take a make-up exam on the day you return to school. (Exceptions will be given for extended absences.)

2.    Quizzes: Quizzes are given on an announced and                          

     unannounced basis. Four quizzes = one test.


B.   Homework = 25%


1.    Homework will be given every night.

2.    Homework will be done in pencil. The page will have a heading, and all questions will be written, as well as answered.

3.    Homework will be accepted  late, but will be penalized



C.   Class work = 25%


1.    Class participation.

2.    Notebooks will be checked and graded. You are responsible for having all notes.


Parents: Please read the above Rules and Grading Policies with your son or daughter, and sign and return. Also, please email me with any questions or concerns.


Thank you,


                               Parent signature _________________________


                               Student signature ________________________



Mr. Hoffner







11 responses to “Class Rules and Policies

  1. hi mr. hoffner todays ela midterm was fair i hope i do good tomorrow.
    also see you tomorrow bye!
    from, ammar awan

  2. Hi, Mr.Hoffner, how are you? Just wanted to ask you how I’m doing in class and if I am following all the rules?
    Best wishes,

  3. hi mr.Hoffner dou you really teach math on the computer and at class?And also came to your class on wensday you had class 602 yes thats my class and thats all i wanted to ask you.

  4. wow there’s alot

  5. Hey Mr.Hoffner I have a question for you…………………..Do I follow all the rules??????? I mean I do all my hw and answer me back.

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