peacetweets Hundreds of inspirations for Peace.

Peace Tweet number 18

Be bold, be courageous as you dream what the world can be. Dream a big dream, then begin to live that dream.


34 responses to “PEACE

  1. Mr.Hoffner what is your email address?

  2. HURR HURR sumaya ;]

    Are we taking it in your room? :p

  3. Ayy it's sumaya

    HEEEY MR.hoffner… I CANT WAIT FOR THE MATH STATE EXAMS. IT’S CAUSE my MOM makes me stdy all day longg -______-

    k, bye 🙂

  4. why do you talk about math in the peace catagory???

  5. MR.HOFFNER I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!! teenk u <33

  6. OMG i sorta kinda ehhhhhhh i kinda get algebra sorta :] and the word variable expression thingy 😀 AT FIRST IT WAS SO CONFUSING !! SO YEA…. algebraa is gunna bee tough 😛

    grrrrrrr….. D:

    byeeeeee x4

  7. im scared for the midterm:/

  8. The class work was mediocre, some questions were hard but others easy but it was fair for me. Most of the work I do was may be a little harder then this, but they were mind boggling questions.

  9. n im confused with todays homework

  10. is todays homework p204-205 35-38, p. 236 1-5

  11. Ya We all are studying, How many minutes will be the test?

  12. remember u gave us acouple of sheets when is it do

  13. hi mr.hoffner im stuck on math homework

  14. sofia barrientos

    mr .hoffner i miss u being my math teacher cause now i have ms. niki :] ❤ 😀

  15. sofia barrientos

    omg hi mr. hoffner is good seeing u again 🙂 im sofia hope you remember me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. dear, mr.hoffner exacactly when is the test?? srry i forgot but all i know is im studying rlly hard like i barely been on facebook -__- i have been studying sooo SOO hard i hope 2 get a a awesome grade!!!!!! :] lol 😀

    yay!!! im tots gunna pass (i hope) omg now IMM SO EXITED 😀 anyways bye
    sincerly ur student sumaya bye

  17. wow mr.hoffner how many of these do you have omg it must be hard to be a teacher well i’m just browsing at the site cause i’m bored well i guess i’ll see you tomorrow bye PEACE.

  18. oooooohhhhhhhhh that is pretty

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