coach-2-properties-of-numbers1 6N2 6N3 6N4 6N5

Properties Previous State Tests

Properties Drill ppt.

Properties Drills

Distributive Property Demonstration

coach-3-testing-equivalence-of-fractions-or-ratios1 6N7 6N10

coach-4-proportions 6N9


Previous tests-6.N.6,7,8,9,10 Test questions on Ratio, rate, and proportions


Previous Tests-6.N.116N11

Previous Tests 6N216N21 Find multiple representations of rational numbers

coach-7percent 6N12


Previous tests 6N14  6N14 6N15

coach-9-absolute-value 6N13 6N13


coach 11-Add and Subtract Fractions11 6N16

coach-12-mult-div-fractions 6N18 6N19

Fractions from previous tests

coach-13-order-of-operations 6N226N22





coach-16a-Estimate percent




coach-18-evaluating-expressions 6A2 6A2

coach-17-19howdowetranslatetwo-stepverbal 6A3

coach-20solving-two-stepequations 6A4

coach-21-solvingproportionsincontext 6A5

coach-22formulas 6A6

Coach circles23  6G5 6G6 6G7

Coach area of a sector of a circle

Coach 25 Proportional Sides of Similar Triangles 25 6G1

Coach 26 Areas of Triangles and Quadrilaterals 26 6G2

Coach 27 Area of Composite Figures 27

Coach 28 Volume of Prisms 28 6G4

Coach 29 Points on a Coordinate Plane 29 6G10

Finding Area of Composite Rectangular Figures on the 30 6G11

Measurement 31-32 6M1 Grade 6 No. 27 6.M.01 6M3 6M5 6M7

Coach Estimating 33-34

Coach 39 mean median mode2 6S5 6S6

Coach 38 graphs2 Grade 6 No.35 6.S.07

Making Predictions 6S8




















States by the Numbers States by the Numbers 50 State Bundle

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  4. your new class sorry I always try to correct mistakes

  5. Hey Mr. Hoffner hows you new class? Hving fun did you show them the new website tell them that a last year student said it was Awsome!!!! goog luck 6th graders=) Godd luck Mr. Hoffner.

  6. Hey Mr. Hoffner /Patrick =( you need to start putting up the homework!!!!! I am sure that many kids were struggling because of this!! and today I am too.

    • Hi Anastasiya,
      I’m sorry we didn’t get the HW up. However, it’s supposed to be a backup. You’re supposed to copy the HW at the beginning of every class. Get some rest, get ready for tomorrow’s ELA.

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    May you help me on the probabilities on Monday, before we have the test on Wednesday… also SORRY I was absent.

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  12. hey what strand is the things we need to study from?

  13. Zineta Gacevic

    Hey Mr.Hoffner, i heard there is going to be a quiz, hope its easy:) I know that you would MAKE IT FAIR so , i’m going to try my very best to study hard whoohooo hope i come home with a 100% yeahh !

  14. Hi Mr Hoffner! How is your vacation? I went to Lanchaster Pensilvania and had a great time. By the way, I don’t know about anyone else, but the packet you gave us is really easy! It’s just a review of what we did this year =D. Bye.

  15. Hey Mr Hoffner, how should we arange our answers for house makeover? Should I just put them on looseleaf with my work? Thanks anyway.

  16. Melissa F. Velasquez

    Hey Mr.Hoffner,
    I was wondering about the Math quiz we’re going to have. Is it going to be just like the homework we recieved yesterday? The one question about the cirlce that was 270 degrees and 12 as the radius? Is the test going to be like that question? Because those questions are really easy to do, for me.(;
    Your student,
    Melissa F. Velasquez

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    Mr. Hoffner I couldn’t find the homework!
    Sorry ill make it up.

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    Can you put the homework for the rest of the year please!
    Thank you.

  19. heyyy mr.hoffner its zineta now you can email me news for tests and blah blah blah on this emaILL sooo BYEE :))

  20. Do we have school on Monday?

    >>>>>>>> People say that there are no school, is there ? <<<<<<<<<<

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    Hey Mr. Hoffner, I print these to study. They are very useful. Thanks for posting them on your website.

  22. whats todays homework

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    I’m studying away . 🙂
    I need to study study
    So I can get a BETTER grade 😀
    I need to learn more
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    Sincerely, Dorela + Melissa

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  29. checking out your website.. 🙂 are you going to post up algebra things?

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    THe math test is tommorow oh great well I have to study so much aaaaahhhh see ya tommorow .
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  36. hey mr. Hoffner I LOVE this website.It’s soo awsome. I have learned a lot plus I love the Labyrinth game.

  37. hot mess sumaya x3

    OMG me nd melissa were talking about math nd she explained it 2 me nd i hope 2 do good on r next test 😀 she told me all about P.E.M.D.A.S. so now i get it more so i hope 2 do better nd get a 90% :] sooo yea byee x33

  38. Melissa Velasquez

    Heeey Mr. Hoffner!
    I was looking around the website and I just wanted to say hi. HII! ;D
    I’m finding the percent problems simple, and I like how you explained it in class today. ;]
    Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at homeroom! By the way; I’m bringing POWDERED DONUTS for the Thanksgiving social! 😀
    – Melissa Velasquez [;

  39. i liked the lesson we had today it really explained order of operations to me.
    thank you

  40. Dorela and Anastasiya


  41. sumaya wuv herself

    OMG I get it NOWW YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope 2 do good tommorow oh yea yay maad happy 😀 ohhhhhnhhhhh emmm gheeee 😀 im so happy im glowing yellow like the sunn ;]:]

  42. MR.hoffner im baffled becuz why do u have 2 do so many steps to get one answer? for the P.E.M.D.A.S. thing

  43. It was nice seeing you today with my mom Mr.Hoffner! 🙂

    See you tomorrow.

  44. Hey Mr.Hoffner,
    I was looking through the lessons you gave us.
    I got the hang of the negative and positive numbers.
    My parents were proud of my report card, and they said that I could do better, thats why this marking semester I WILL ACE THE MATH GRADE!
    I’ll see you on Monday 🙂
    Have a nice weekend.
    Bye ! 🙂

  45. Hey Mr.Hoffner,
    I was wondering since I was out because I wasn’t feeling well at all, if you can teach me the lessons that I’ve missed out on? Thanks ❤
    Are there any upcoming quizzes?
    Your website is amazing!! 😀

    -Dorela Dushi

  46. Hey Mr.Hoffner. I was checking your website for our quiz today. I hope I ace the test, I’ve been studying really hard from your website to get a good grade. Happy Halloween for tomorrow. Wear a costume 🙂

    As if for me…. HAPPY STUDYING !! :D:D:D:D:D

    I’ll se you in class Mr.Hoffner


  47. is the test going to be hard

  48. mr.hoffner this website is so cool especialy the lure of the labirynth game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  49. Hi Mr.Hoffner.

  50. Hi Mr.Hoffner.I just turned 12 on January 24.

  51. Hi Mr.Hoffner.Since, I am going to an honors trip on Monday does this mean the homework is due on Tuesday.Bye.

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