Two-Point Perspective

Two-point perspective


JNN is Coming


Check out this site for practicing all parts of the curriculum.  Scroll down to the content strands.


Get the Math

Get the Math: Take the Challenge

Watch videos of young professionals in the fashion, videogame, and music industries as they introduce four teenagers to their emerging businesses, studios — and algebra challenges.

Fashion designer Chloe, who won season two of “Project Runway,” asks the four teens to use proportional reasoning — and a sense of style — to take apart a poly charmeuse top, re-envisioning the sample shirt in a way that trims $5 off the cost of its fabrics.

A developer of online games for Facebook and other websites, Julia tasks the teens with programming a version of “Asteroids” by drawing on coordinate graphing and linear equations.


DobleFlo hip-hop artists Manny Dominguez and Luis Lopez challenge the foursome to adjust the tempo of an instrumental sample to synch it up to a drum track, which requires calculating beats per minute. 

Compiled and edited in the style of reality-TV game shows, these clips stop to let you try the math using the interactive tools provided; then resume to show how the four adolescents creatively applied algebra in these contemporary fields of art and design. 

For this program of WNET’s THIRTEEN, DobleFlo recorded the original rap “Get the Math.” Download a free mp3 of the song here:

Get the Math is distributed by American Public Television with support from The Moody’s Foundation.

Check Out Math Videos

Math video lessons!

Here comes Geometry!!!!

Pythagorean Theorem, animated proof

Bring On the Cans

Time to be Giving!

Thanksgiving Math


Grandmother Brown is going to host a huge family gathering on Thanksgiving Day. She has eight grandchildren, and this year she has decided that they will all help with serving or cleaning up. The kitchen is small, so she must select four of the children to wash dishes after the meal. The others will help with serving during the meal.

The selection is not an easy matter, however, for there are jealousies and attachments among the children that prevent a free choice of four dishwashers. Can you help Grandmother select a dishwashing crew of four while satisfying all these whims?

  • Travis will work with anybody.
  • Michael won’t wash dishes unless Vinolia helps too.
  • Vinolia won’t work with Jen.
  • Nicholas won’t work without Funmi.
  • Jen will work with anybody.
  • Clark won’t wash dishes with Nicholas unless Stephen helps too, and won’t work with Vinolia unless Nicholas also helps.
  • Stephen won’t work with both Michael and Vinolia, and won’t wash dishes with either Travis or Jen.
  • Funmi won’t help unless either Michael or Clark wash dishes, and won’t work with Vinolia unless Stephen works too, and won’t work with both Travis and Jen.

Please state the names of the four grandchildren who will be washing the dishes, and give a full explanation of how you made your selection.


Zach is planning to drive to his parents’ house in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving. He lives in Pittsburgh so he can either take Route 30, which is a scenic drive, or take the Pennsylvania Turnpike. He’s trying to decide between the two routes. Here are the details that he’s considering:

Pennsylvania Turnpike:
– distance is 305 miles each way
– toll road charge is $9.00 each way
– 1/61 of the trip is city driving and 60/61 is highway driving

Route 30:
– distance is 372 miles each way
– no tolls
– 1/3 of the trip is city driving and 2/3 is highway driving

Gas costs on the average $1.60 per gallon. Zach’s car gets 25 miles per gallon in the city and 30 miles per gallon on the highway. (Route 30 involves more city driving because he’d be driving through a lot of small towns.)

Explain which plan is the most economical (not considering the time involved or the wear and tear on his car).


Check out this site

Check out this site for math review:

Meet the Parents Night

Meet the Parents Night

Wed. October 27,  2010  7:00 pm

  • Updates from the Math and ELA Departments

  • Student, teacher and parent GOALS

  • Report card preview

Here come the Fractions! Here come the Fractions

Numerator and denominator

Proper fraction

Improper fraction

Equivalent fractions

Mixed Number

Let’s keep things in PROPORTION

Ratio, Rate and Proportion Test this week!


Rotating animation of an inversion of the word 'Math'

Distributive Property

Multiplication and Division Properties

Welcome to the 2010-2011 School year.

Welcome to the new school year.

Parents: Let’s start the year communicating. Please send an email introduction to

Please read the rules of the class.

Remember to tell me the name and class of  your son or daughter.

March is Women’s History Month

Check out the work of 6H3, 601, 603, 605

Math Puzzles

Check out the puzzles.

Here’s just one example.

toothpick_puzzle1Remove three toothpicks from the arrangement below to leave exactly three squares.

The Great Housing Makeover

29,482 Cans of Food!!!

Congratulations IS 141

29,482 cans of food will feed a lot of people. We should be very proud.




Astoria students

Be a wish-fulfilling JEWEL

Hardest Math Topic So Far This Year

Which is the hardest math topic we’ve studied so far this year?


Check out this new game.


Congratulations Najma

Congratulations Najma, Class 6H3

Najma is the first student to have her answer to the Problem of the Week published on the Drexel University website.  They pick the best solutions from schools all over the country.

Najma’s answer to Birthday-Line-Up

Here come the fractions, here come the fractions!!!!



Everything you ever wanted to know about fractions.

Here’s what we will learn:

Arithmetic of Common Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Everything we ever wanted to know about percents


Family Math Challenge

View the Introductory Video for Parents
Polygon and Perimeter
Figure This! Home Page
Take A Challenge Take A Challenge
Exponent Axis
Helix Ratio skateboard
Tessellation and Tangent

Family Math Challenge . Projects Due.

Visit the Site

Ratio, proportion and rate Test on Wednesday.

Study lessons on ratio,  proportion and rate.  See the Lessons page and go over lessons 3, 4 and 5

Ratios and Proportions!!!

Let’s keep everything in proportion!


Order of Operations Test

clip_image002Test Tomorrow!!!

Study, Study, Study!!!

Here comes the quiz, here comes the quiz.

Professor at board

Properties quiz coming up. Remember COAGDMAS


Welcome Students and Parents

Welcome students and parents to IS 141 and the school year 2009-2010.  It’s going to be an exciting year.  We will use this site for many things during the year.  This is where homework is posted and special assignments are explained. It’s also a source of reference  and a place to find test prep material. I encourage comments and questions, and try to respond in a timely fashion.

Please look around the site and leave comments or questions.

Thank you,

Mr. Hoffner


The Census is Coming! The Census is Coming!

Census 2010

We count everyone in the whole country!

Visit the site:

Wolfram-New search engine

Check this out:

The Story of Stuff

See the Story of Stuff.        

Signed Numbers

See Memory Lane for the Rules for Operations with Signed Numbers.




Solve Rubik’s Cube

See the Video Page for the two-step solution.


Pi Day

Thanks to all who brought in pies for us to share.


Have Fun With The Illusions

11 ships or 3 ships and 8 arches?


Faces or Houses

Can You Find 7 Horses in This Picture?


People or Faces?


A Picture Puzzle

How Many People?

See More Than One Deer?

Do You See The Word Lift?

Find 11 Faces In The Picture.

2009 Math Puzzle

2009 Mathematics Game

Use the digits in the year 2009  and the operations +, – ,x, divide, and ^ (raised to a power), sqrt (square root) and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, to write expressions for the counting numbers 1-100. You can use decimal points and double-digit numbers.
1. All four digits must be used in the expression.
2. Only the digits 2, 0, 0, 9 may be used.
3. Multi-digit numbers such as 20, 209, oor .02 MAY be used.
4. Submit answer without using equal signs.
Example for number 11:
Correct format: (2 + 0)-0+9
Incorrect format: 2+0=2-0=2+9=11
Got to the link below to read official rules.

Read Rules, get submission worksheets, find where to submit

Check Out Memory Lane

cov_memory Check out Memory Lane

New Video Page

Check out new Video Math page!

Presidential Quotes

What is your favorite presidential quote ?

Problems of the Week

1. The individual problem you were assigned is due to be submitted by Friday November 7.

2. The PoW “Counting Llamas….. ” (current PoW) is due to be submitted by Monday November 10.

How to be motivated to do Homework

Suggested by Natalia 631

Halloween Problem of the Week

Math Forum – Problem of the Week

4556: Pumpkin Carving for Charity*

Instead of going Trick-or-Treating on Halloween this year, six friends decided to use their time to carve pumpkins for a local charity event. The artistically carved pumpkins were auctioned at the event and much to everyone’s surprise they raised $180 for the charity!

  • The final bid on Selena’s pumpkin was $10 more than the final bid on Ty’s pumpkin.
  • Ty’s, Niko’s, and Corrine’s pumpkins each earned the same amount.
  • Araceli’s and Forrest’s pumpkins each brought in the same amount of money as Selena’s.

What were the final bids on the individual pumpkins carved by the six friends?

Fractions Video

Check out the Fraction Video


Go to the PoW at MathForum

I notice…….

I wonder……..                                 Current Problem of the Week 10/20/08

                                             Measuring Melons 

Jerson is selling fruit at the Farmers’ Market. To attract customers to his booth, he has made up a contest! He has these photos of combinations of fruit on display. His contest is to find out how much each fruit weighs.

8.25 lbs.

9.5 lbs.

11.5 lbs.

Note: Assume that both of the melons weigh the same, both of the pineapples weigh the same, and both of the limes weigh the same.

Melanie looks at his photos and tells him, “I know how much one melon weighs.”

How might Melanie have figured out how much one melon weighs? How much does each type of fruit weigh?

Math Test

Good Luck on the TEST!!!!

Ratio, Proportion and Rate Test

There will be a math test next week. Ratio, proportion and rate are the topics. Study PowerPoint lessons 3,4,5.