Memory Lane

Memorize Everything on this Page!

First and Most Important memorize your multiplication tables!!



Squares and square roots

                                                      Circles               Π=3.1415





Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Mean-The sum of all the items divided by the number of items in the set. Sometimes the mean is called the average.

Median-the middle value when the data are in numerical order. Or the mean of the two middle values if there are an even number of items.

Mode-The value, or values, that occur the most often. There may be more than one mode. When all values occur an equal amount of time, there is no mode.

Range-The difference between the least and greatest values in the set.


Signed Numbers

Adding Signed Numbers:

1. Signs are the same: (both positive or both negative)-Add the absolute values and keep the sign of the numbers.

2. Signs are different: (positive and negative)-Subtract the absolute values and keep the sign of the larger number.

Subtracting signed numbers:

1. Stay, change, change. Change the operation to addition and change the sign of the second  number (number on the right).

2. Follow the two rules for addition.

Multiplying and dividing signed numbers:

1. If the signs are the same, the answer is positive.

2. If the signs are different, the answer is negative.


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  1. How do I write one third of a number in algebraic form? 😦

  2. Are you sure you were planning to make changes to your website, Mr.Hoffner? 😉

  3. Mr.Hoffner is there any chance you created any other websites for us to study? 😛

  4. Mr.Hoffner… Why isn’t there a page where you can study for the tests maybe something titled…Study…or… maybe…test…well, I really don’t care for the title I just want something organized so everything is in one place… every time you give us a test or quiz we could just click in a certain place and only the things we are studying for the week will show up… 😀

  5. hi mr. hoffner this website is very nice im still trying to figure out the problem of the week its very confusing

    from hebah sahibzada
    class 603

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