President Project President Project

Microsoft Word Tutorial

Art Editing



13 responses to “COMPUTERS

  1. jimmy abbruzzetti

    hi, it’s me; the best, i can’t wait till computers

  2. woww yay !!!! i hope i get obama <33

  3. wow i love computers::::::::))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. Hi mr.hoffner! I cant wait for our class to go on our next computer project together. To bad we have you only 1st a week!( im in class 602)

  5. Hi Mr.Hoffner ,
    It was nice meeting. I like your website .See you Tuesday.

    Nicholas C

  6. hi its justin I really like your website . Its so awesome

  7. hi mr hoffner its logan just saying i like your website so much its awsome i did not check ms.forest web site but i will but i still like yours cant wait until next time because i know it will be fun. bye ps. your one of my faavorite teachers from logan m class 603

  8. Hi my name is azhar uddin

    How are you doing Mr.hoffner.

  9. Hi i’m logan ortiz,
    i hope you have a great day Mr.Hoffner

  10. I had a good day with you mr.hoffner!!! =)

  11. hello im shablee have a nice day

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