11 responses to “POTUS

  1. I miss I.S 141 😥

  2. I Have abraham licoln

  3. I finished mine its on the computer 11. can you check it and tell me if its right.

  4. Mr. Hoffner how come you didn’t put up the new ones? you have them outside the classroom!!!!!

  5. Melissa F. Velasquez

    Heyyy Mr. Hoffner,
    Where’s my president?!?! I have James Monroe, and I think he’s all done ; I just need you to check it, to make sure .
    Next computer class I have to start J.Q Adams !
    Your student,
    Melissa F. Velasquez

  6. Tristan McKenna

    I am doing presidents Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington.

  7. Tristan McKenna

    Hey Mr. Hoffner,
    I am almost done with my president activity too. I would have been done already except my document was deleted by accident so I had to start aaaaaaallllllllllllllllllll over.

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