Celebrate IS 141





36 responses to “Celebrate IS 141

  1. Katya Garashchenko

    Hey Mr.Hoffner,
    This is Katya Garashchenko you were my teacher about 6 years ago. I hope you remember. I heard you retired. I was flipping through the yearbook and thought about you! I hope you are well. You were one of the best teachers I ever had.
    I’m going to college next year and am planning to go pre-med. I take AP calculus now and still use some basic rules I learned in your class. Thanks

  2. Hii Mr.Hoffner!!! Its nikki! How are you and mr. Arnold doing so far? High school is pretty tough :O

  3. Hey Mr.Hoffner it’s Nikki from 141 we do the movie thing every Thursday and What’s Up?

  4. hi mr. hoffner omg i miss you so much funny part is i still remember your website 🙂 just wanted to let you know i miss you and im doing so good in math , i want to go see you and other teachers in the schools PTC ,by the way when is it ?

  5. hi i am a 6th grader and i am in 6h4

  6. hey!!!!!!!!!!! mr hoffner long time i dont see ya how you doing 🙂

  7. hi mr hoffner are we going to make posters ike that some time? i know karla loor!!! yay

  8. Hi Mr.Hoffner. I hope you are doing good for yourself. I here that your the HR teacher for 6H3. I also miss being in 6H3 but, now I am in 7E1. I hope your going easy on the 6th graders in math. Bye.

  9. This looks very cool cant wait to do this,this year!

  10. These pitures are real creative. I really like all of them but my favorite is the second on. arly, 603

  11. I really enjoyed looking at all the posters because it made me think about how 141 workers hard. I cant wait to make a poster like the ones above

  12. Wow 141 is so cool we have won the food drive for 2 years strait. By ramiro gonzalez.

  13. mr.hoffner the can drive is so cool i can’t wait till we do it.

  14. Hi, Good job 141!
    I love the 3rd poster.

  15. Hi Mr.Hoffner it Kaylee from 603,I really like the posters that great. GO141!

  16. Hi Mr.Hoffner!!!! I am Thusme Rahman from class 603. I just want to say that the posters are great and IS141 did a great job. It’s a great help!!!!

  17. Hi Mr. Hoffner , this is Luis Hernandez and I like all these posters 🙂

  18. Hi Mr.Hoffner.I me Dafnee Castillo from class 603.i love the posters there really nice.Great job

  19. camt wait to do a project with u like all the ones u have there

  20. hi mr hoffner how you doing i am happy to be in your class cant wait to work on a project with u

  21. Hi Mr.Hoffner!! This is Casey Rodriguez from class 604 and i think these posters are really cool and creative!!!

  22. My name is Kate and I am in class 604. I think it is very colorful and eye catching. Wow! The diamond is cool.

  23. Hi Mr.Hoffner.This is Casey Rodriguez from class 604 and i think these posters are really cool and creative!!

  24. hey whats up Mr.Hoffner today is crazy right !!?
    i really like your website hope there is school on monday(WINK,WINK)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Mr.Hoffner love all of the posters so cool.

  26. I like them all.

  27. cooll niccee idea for my project with nadeen

  28. Your website is awsome. the posters are awsome too.

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