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Two-Point Perspective

Two-point perspective


JNN is Coming


Check out this site for practicing all parts of the curriculum.  Scroll down to the content strands.


Get the Math

Get the Math: Take the Challenge

Watch videos of young professionals in the fashion, videogame, and music industries as they introduce four teenagers to their emerging businesses, studios — and algebra challenges.

Fashion designer Chloe, who won season two of “Project Runway,” asks the four teens to use proportional reasoning — and a sense of style — to take apart a poly charmeuse top, re-envisioning the sample shirt in a way that trims $5 off the cost of its fabrics.

A developer of online games for Facebook and other websites, Julia tasks the teens with programming a version of “Asteroids” by drawing on coordinate graphing and linear equations.


DobleFlo hip-hop artists Manny Dominguez and Luis Lopez challenge the foursome to adjust the tempo of an instrumental sample to synch it up to a drum track, which requires calculating beats per minute. 

Compiled and edited in the style of reality-TV game shows, these clips stop to let you try the math using the interactive tools provided; then resume to show how the four adolescents creatively applied algebra in these contemporary fields of art and design. 

For this program of WNET’s THIRTEEN, DobleFlo recorded the original rap “Get the Math.” Download a free mp3 of the song here:

Get the Math is distributed by American Public Television with support from The Moody’s Foundation.

Check Out Math Videos

Math video lessons!

Here comes Geometry!!!!

Pythagorean Theorem, animated proof

Bring On the Cans

Time to be Giving!