The Great Housing Makeover


15 responses to “The Great Housing Makeover

  1. Hi Mr.hoffner.Can you tell me how to paint house b?

    • Rajat,
      You have to find the area of the 4 walls, subtract out the windows, doors, and garage. Then divide by the area that the paint covers per gallon. Then multiply by the cost of the paint.

  2. how do you do the house for part A.

    • Haris,
      For the fence you find the perimeter. For the painting you find the area. And for the roof you also find the area. Remember to subtract out the parts that don’t get painted or fenced or shingled.

  3. Hi Mr.Hoffner.May you tell me how to do the roof for house B and to paint the house?Have a good weekend.Please reply back.Bye.

    • Hi Jordi,
      The roof has 3 sides. The top is a rectangle….and you have to subtract the two circular windows. The two sides are trapezoids that have trapezoid windows. After you find the area, you divided by the number of feet the shingles can cover (10) and then multiply by the price.

      Good luck

  4. I like the houses you drew Mr.Hoffner
    Very Artistic!!!!!!!!!


  6. What is going to be on the quiz

  7. What is going to be on the quiz????

  8. No, i can’t do a hard problem. I am special

  9. House B is must harder than A. We should get extra points

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