Have Fun With The Illusions

11 ships or 3 ships and 8 arches?


Faces or Houses

Can You Find 7 Horses in This Picture?


People or Faces?


A Picture Puzzle

How Many People?

See More Than One Deer?

Do You See The Word Lift?

Find 11 Faces In The Picture.


6 responses to “Have Fun With The Illusions

  1. Melissa Velasquez

    Oh gosh Mr. Hoffner, I found seven faces.
    Now after looking at all of those pictures, my eyes hurt.. alot. o_o
    These are really cool! I especially like the one with the two people facing eachother but they have people inside their face. I’ve seen that one ALOT!

  2. This was so cool, i found out everything. It took a while, but it was so interesting! WOW! I love your website Mr. Hoffner

  3. I found 12 faces instead of 11! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Have an awesome summer everyone & GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. For the picture of the deer, I found all 11 pictures! I’m extremely observer!

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